M. Altman – Trek Navigator

Mark A. Altman - Trek NavigatorMark A. Altman, Edward Gross
Trek Navigator

In the galaxy of Star Trek books, there’s nothing like Trek Navigator – a compendium of punchy reviews, in the style of movie reviewers Siskel and Ebert, critiquing every episode of the original Star Trek and The Next Generation, the latest episodes of Deep Space Nine and Voyager, and the complete movie series.
With this invaluable critical guide, you’ll know which episodes are worth setting the VCR for – and when it’s better to hit the fast-forward button. The authors provide a complete season-by-season breakdown of the entire saga, no-holds-barred critiques, a one-to-four-star rating system, and a unique index that cross-lists episodes under dozens of fascinating categories, from „Boom!“ (in which the ship is destroyed) and „Debating Team“ (in which Kirk talks a computer to death) to „Bad Borg“ (Borg episodes) and „It’s Elementary“ (in which Data plays Sherlock Holmes).

286 Seiten. 1998.
ISBN 0-316-03812-1