M. J. Friedman – Secret of the Lizard People

Michael Jan Friedman - Secret of the Lizard PeopleMichael Jan Friedman
Secret of the Lizard People
Starfleet Academy #7

Cadet Data is among a handful of first-year cadets selected to observe a super-Jovian planet ignition – the collision of two huge gas-giant planets resulting in the formation of a new star. They will watch this occurence from the safe distance aboard the Republic.
But a distress call from an alien space station draws their starship off course to an asteroid belt near the colliding planets. The rescue team soon finds itself under siege by deadly attackers, and Data and his group are seperated from the main team.
Now, with time running out, Data must defeat the invaders and rescue the aliens before the collision destroys the space station… and the Republic!

113 Seiten. 1995.
ISBN 0-671-50109-7