M. Jefferies – Citadel of Shadows

Mike Jefferies - Citadel of ShadowsMike Jefferies
Citadel of Shadows

The continuing saga of the Loremasters of Elundium.
Protected by Warhorses and Battle Owls, the peaceful tunnelers fled the fury of Elundium’s mob. Beyond the wildness of Underfall, Oaktangle and Sloeberry’s people found refuge in the ruins of a great city, prowled by the shades of its long-dead inhabitants.
But now an ancient evil threatens the sovereign who spared the gentle ones. King Thane faces a dark horde even more ravenous the the Nightbeasts that once ripped open his realm.
The Master of Magic, Nevian, has recruited a blacksmith who can forge real weapons of war, to replace the mock armor with which the gentle people fled. But can a crippled boy and a runaway archer’s son forge themselves into genuine Knights of Cawdor, and defeat the bitter wraiths gathering like smoke over embattled Elundium?

338 Seiten.
ISBN 0-06-105434-8