MasterBook – The World of Aden: Campaign Chronicles

Stephen Crane
Campaign Chronicles
The World of Aden Supplement

Creatures of the Darkfall – nocturnals – ravage the land. The clanking and hissing of steam-powered sorcerous contraptions reverberates throughout the cities of Aden, as mechamages work on newer and more formidable uses for the magical metal known as manite. And in the midst of it all travels an intrepid band of adventurers – your adventurers. How can you help them find their way around the many adversities found in the World of Aden?
Campaign Chronicles gives you the information you need to make your World of Aden game interesting and fresh. There are hints, tips and ideas for creating memorable characters, running an adventure or a campaign in the World of Aden and capturing the feel and tone of this exciting new fantasy world based on the hit computer roleplaying series by SSI. There are also a selection of new spells and an assortment of new creatures – both natural and nocturnal – with which you can expand your adventures.
Also included is the gamemaster screen for The World of Aden, which collects many of the charts and tables needed during the game in one place for easy reference.

92 Seiten. 1996.
ISBN 0-87431-468-2