Metropolis – Battle-Force Conflicts

Metropolis - Battle-Force ConflictsJohn Robertson
Battle-Force Conflicts

„Metropolis: Battle-Force Conflicts“ is an exciting, fast paced miniature tabletop battle system designed for 2 or more players.
Metropolis moves the action up a level from the small-scale skirmishes played out in Urban War. It shifts the focus from the individual to the squad.
Players build ‚Battle-Forces‘ of men, machine and aliens to fight in the war torn city-planet of Iskandria.
Each faction has a different battle-force structur. Core units form the basis of each battle-force with players customising these with a mix of support, assault, strike and command units including the new CLAUs (Capital Light Armoured Units) giving each their own unique flavour.
In this book you will find:

  • The Metropolis Game System.
  • Full armylists for Viridians, Junkers, Syntha, VASA, Gladiators, Triads & Koralon.
  • Quick reference sheets.
  • Counters, templates & roster sheets.

128 Seiten. 2007.