Mutants & Masterminds – Annual #1

Annual #1
Mutants & Masterminds

Expand your Mutants & Masterminds campaign with exciting new rules! Get the jump on creating new powers, develop complex weaknesses for heroes and villains, master the fine art of Hero Point awards, and select a battlesuit from more than 25 brand-new sets of armor within!
Return to Freedom City with an overview of the Freedom League through the decades, take a glimpse at Freedom’s street-level vigilantes, learn the superhuman ropes at the Claremont Academy, or even venture into the far-flung future of the Freedom Legion with never-before-seen material on Earth’s favorite super-city!
Punish evildoers with five complete short adventures designed to take your Mutants & Masterminds campaign into overdrive!

  • Thwart the White Knight’s diabolical missile plot!
  • Protect the Star Island Spaceport from the machinations of Hivemind!
  • Tussle with the tenacious Toy-Boy!
  • Free Ashton Mall from a Christmas in July gone horribly awry!
  • Explore ancient mystical secrets in an abandoned Waxworks!

127 Seiten. 2004.
ISBN 1-932442-12-X