Mystara – Dark Knight of Karameikos

Timothy Brown
Dark Knight of Karameikos
Mystara Novel

In a kingdom dominated by Thyatian overlords, Sir Grygory is an anomaly: a Traldaran knight serving a Traldaran lord. An uneasy coexistence grips the land, except where some Traldarans have established a wilderness barony beyond the reach of the Thyatians.
But evil has descended upon the barony.
Sir Grygory must confront the black-armored knight, who, with his orb of deadly powers, is ravaging the Traldaran villages. Is the Dark Knight a specter from Sir Grygory’s troubled past? Can he hope to defeat the powerful orb and an army of orc savages? Perhaps, but not without becoming, for a time, the very enemy he set out to defeat.

316 Seiten. 1995.
ISBN 0-7869-0307-4