Mystara – The Tainted Sword

D. J. Heinrich
The Tainted Sword
Mystara Novel

The Penhaligon Trilogy, Volume 1.
Wyrmblight, once a sword of great renown, lies tarnished and forgotten by the one man who can wield it. But Fain Flinn – known in legends as Flinn the Mighty – has lost his honor and his pride. Now the land of Penhaligon faces a threat only Flinn can conquer.
All seems hopeless, until a young woman recognizes the pulse of goodness that still beats in the knight’s angry heart. Along with the girl, a fastidious dwarf, and a shy wildboy, Flinn sets out to regain his honor and his magical blade. Yet even Wyrmblight may not be powerful enough to cut through the intricate web of deceit spun by Verdilith, a malevolent dragon bent upon destroying the once-mighty hero.

312 Seiten. 1992.
ISBN 1-56076-395-7