N. V. Berberick – The Jewels of Elvish

Nancy V. Berberick
The Jewels of Elvish

A growing threat in the Northlands forces long-time enemies, the Elvish and Mannish races, into an alliance. Thus, Nikia, daughter of the Elvish king, is wed to Garth, the prince of the Mannish kingdom. To the marriage Nikia brings her strange, magical ways and an ancient family heirloom, the Ruby of Guyaire.
Unbeknownst to either kingdom, an evil magic-user lives again. His consort, the enchantress Yvanda, has discovered a secret about the ruby: It is the embodiment of a powerful and ancient magic.
In the lands of the Mannish, Nikia struggles to make both her marriage and the alliance a reality. But when the ruby is stolen, its true worth is discovered. Nikia must recover the jewel, no matter the cost.

343 Seiten. 1989.
ISBN 0-88038-726-2