OGL – Land of Myth – Playtest Module Vo. 1

John R. Haygood
Playtest Module Vo. 1
OGL/ Land of Myth: Age of Palaces
Free RPG 2019 Playtest Adventure

Go on an epic quest in Mythical Ancient Greece, to help the Achaeans win the War of Troy!
This is a 5e compatible game testing module for 4-6 players. It includes a detailed introduction to the world of Land of Myth: Age of Palaces and some of the new rules introduced here for the first time.
Also included are six pre-generated 7th level characters, from new character classes, and a scenario that will take you to the final days of the Trojan War.
The storyline is a prequel to the upcoming rulebooks set in the mythical heroic age of Ancient Greece.
Help Odysseus and the Achaeans as they are plotting the fall of Troy!

60 Seiten. 2019.
ISBN 978-1-5272403-1-5