P. B. Thompson – Thorn and Needle

Paul B. Thompson - Thorn and NeedlePaul B. Thompson
Thorn and Needle

Everyone said Miyesti was the perfect city, a place where marvels transpired daily. Wagons rolled without horses. Voices spoke out of the air. And lamps blazed without wicks.
All this was the handiwork of a mysterious new god.
To the fabled city came two travelers: a seedy, arrogant nobleman who spent gold freely, and his sullen manservant. But what brought them to Miyesti, a city of virtue and piety?
Was it the techno-information god called The Fact? Or was it fear of what the nobleman had left behind?
„Thorn and Needle“ is a highly original fantasy by Paul B. Thompson, well known for his numerous collaborations in the best-selling „Dragonlance“ fantasy world.

309 Seiten. 1992.
ISBN 1-56076-397-3