Please Stand By – Rulebook

Daniel Hinkle
Please Stand By
Please Stand By

The dead have risen. They walk the earth in countless numbers, searching for only one thing, living flesh! No one expected this, no one saw this coming, some blame science, some blame religion, whatever the reason they are here to stay. The last hope of the human race is the living, those now being mercilessly hunted. No longer at the top of the food chain, can the human race survive?
Please Stand By is a quick and easy to learn rules system for fast paced tabletop miniature gaming. Game play can be enhanced with special and advanced rules that players can incorporate into their games. Please Stand By gives you the opportunity to play in almost any genera or era from your favorite zombie settings. Seven different scenarios and multiple objectives make for a unique and different game experience each time you play.
Equipment Required:
Six-sided Dice
Ruler or Measuring Device
2-7 Players
30+ Minutes
Ages 13+

50 Seiten. 2010.
ISBN 978-0-615-36604-3