Raven – Rulebook

Raven - RulebookDean Edwards
Raven: 25mm Fantasy Figure Wargame Rules

It is the beginning of the Fourth Age, a time wracked with turmoil, a time of change. Alliances which held fast for centuries have dissolved and borders which were considered inviolate have shifted as if with the winds. Technology and magic are on the advance although some might say that the Kzar Lizardmen tampering with magic is more of a setback. Gnomish engineers, working within the Dwarven Strongholds of Gelvarden, have harnessed the power of steam and frenzied work on strange and mysterious engines has begun in the secret workrooms and laboratories. Shadow Elves continue to spread terror throughout the land and the migration southwards of the Barnorsk Orc forces is proving to be a matter of concern to all.
The races you will encounter within the World of Raven? They are many and varied but an air of caution is advised. The smiles you see along the way will not always be those of welcome…
Raven is a 144-page, perfect bound, fully-illustrated rulebook containing complete battle rules, army lists, background information, spell grimoires and colour guide to the races. In this fast-action mass battle tabletop game you are the commander-in-chief of a mighty army. Your success is dictated by your ability to wield your army as a whole rather than relying on single regiments to win your battle for you.
Raven is a game of tactics – Will your army’s stands be able to outmanoeuvre your opponents‘?
The coice is yours – and it had better be a good one!

144 Seiten. 1996.