Ravenloft – Dance of the Dead

Christie Golden - Dance of the DeadChristie Golden
Dance of the Dead
Ravenloft Novel

Larissa Snowmane is a dancer aboard a gamical riverboat. For years the craft has traveled in Ravenloft, unopposed by the sinister beings that rule the Dark Domain.
When the boat arrives at the zombie-plagued island of Souragne, however, the crew finds itself dancing to chilling music indeed. After discovering the captain’s sinister secret, Larissa must rely upon the creatures of the swamp and her mastery of the magical Dance of the Dead to save her own soul.
„Dance of the Dead“ is the third in an open-ended series of Gothic horror tales dealing with the masters and monsters of the Ravenloft dark fantasy setting.

310 Seiten. 1992.
ISBN 1-56076-352-3