Ravenloft – Tapestry of Dark Souls

Elaine Bergstrom - Tapestry of Dark SoulsElaine Bergstrom
Tapestry of Dark Souls
Ravenloft Novel

A creation of magic as old as Ravenloft itself, the tapestry possesses the power to attract and absorb the evil creatures that roam the Dark Domains. Only a reclusive order of monks, the Guardians, know of the tapestry’s might. It is their duty to use it wisely and to prevent the beings bound within the cloth from escaping.
Yet the number of Guardians is dwindling, their hold over the tapestry slipping with each passing year. Their only hope of containing the evil is Jonathan, a youth with strange magical powers. When the boy discovers his ties to the creatures of the cloth, however, he may beome the guardians‘ doom instead of their champion.
„Tapestry of Dark Souls“ is the fifth in an open-ended series of Gothic horror tales dealing with the masters and monsters of the Ravenloft dark fantasy world.

310 Seiten. 1993.
ISBN 1-56076-571-2