Rifts – Rulebook (12. Printing) (1999)

Kevin Siembieda

A complete new role-playing game compatible with the entire Palladium Books Megaverse!

  • Nearly 30 character classes: Cyborgs, Juicers, Dragons, Crazies, Cyber-knights, Psi-stalkers, Line Walkers, and much more!
  • Super-science and high technology: Bionics, cybernetics, power armor, and mega-damage weapons.
  • A transformed Earth where magic is a reality and supernatural creatures from the rifts stalk human prey.
  • Compatible with „Heroes Unlimited“, „TMNT & Other Strangeness“, „Beyond the Supernatural“, „Mechanoids“, and Palladium’s other role-playing games.

256 Seiten. 1999 (12. Printing).
ISBN 0-916211-50-9