RuneQuest – Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure Standard Edition (Box)

Fantasy Roleplaying Adventure Standard Edition
RuneQuest 3rd Edition

With RuneQuest, players create adventurers who explore an ancient world rich in magic. Everyone uses spells and anyone can be a warrior equipped with cold steel and stout armor. The gods provide fantastic powers to their mortal worshipers and can intercede on their behalf.
Each RuneQuest adventurer is unique, belonging to a definite culture and learning the crafts, trades, and skills of his or her parents.
RuneQuest is a fantasy roleplaying game for two or more players, ages 12 or older.

Unparalleled realism and flexibility are yours, supported by rules easily understood and enjoyable to play. Though the RuneQuest rules examples are set in the Dark Ages of fantasy Europe, the game system is playable within any fantasy world.
Included in this box:

  • Rules Book (character generation, game system, combat, skills, creatures, gamemaster notes, adventurer sheet);
  • Spells Book (spirit magic, divine magic, sorcery);
  • Dice (2D20, 1D8, 1D6).

Box. 1984.