Silent Death – Overkill: The Ptolemean Wars

Silent Death - Overkill - The Ptolemean Wars
Overkill: The Ptolemean Wars
Silent Death

The star-spanning Province of Great House Ptolemus has been invaded by the Colosian Deep Space Fleet. Other warmongering hoards from the Black Plague and Behemoth warbands have staked their claim to Ptolemean worlds. The first provincial outposts have been overrun. Desperate pleas for help crackle over a far-flung net of Tachyon Beam Dictors.
Interstellar war is at hand.
Squadrons of fast, deadly starfighters fly in the vanguard of these conquering legions. Armed with Disruptoguns, Ion Rams, and „The Undisputed Right of Engagement,“ they will get first crack at the enemy.
Overkill: The Ptolemean Wars is a grand campaign designed for the Silent Death Metal Express game. In here you will find:

  • Starcraft Displays for five new Silent Death fighters and two new gunboats: including the Blizzard, Kosmos, Hell Bender, Death Wind, Glaive, and Dakar.
  • Blank Starcraft Displeys for designing your own Silent Death vessels.
  • Compatible background and campaign maps for the Ptolemean Wars.
  • Detailed histories and Orders of Battle for twelve new Fighter Wings.
  • Twelve challenging Silent Death scenarios and two campaigns.
  • Rules Annex #1 for Silent Death, which provides guidelines for new Cannons, Projectors, Warheads, Pilot Luck, Life Pods, Gunboat Class vessels and more.
  • A full sheet of 180 new color counters displaying new fighters, torps, missiles and other Silent Death game markers.

ISBN 1-55806-133-9