Silent Death – Renegades

Silent Death - RenegadesMatt Forbeck
Renegades: the Espan Rebellion
Silent Death: The Next Millennium
Campaign Supplement

Renegades chronicles the Espan Civil War from the first days after its failed coup to the climatic battle high above the Espan capital of Esperanza.
Don’t waste another moment – the Renegades need you!
Renegades include:

  • Nineteen quick-play scenarios
  • A full campaign system that allows for repeat play
  • Six new starcraft designs: Bloodhawk (SMAC), Crescent (TMAC), Conestoga (Gunboat), Eagle (Gunboat), Saucer Shuttle (SMAC), Scorpion (Gunboat)
  • Two new weapon types: Salvage Claws and Tractor Beams

78 Seiten. 1995.
ISBN 1-55806-231-9