Silent Death – Sigurd Archdiocese

Silent Death - Sigurd ArchdioceseScott Sigler
Sigurd Archdiocese
Silent Death: The Next Millennium

The Brood have swept through human domains like a vengeful plague and the Promethians hold sway over many of the Twelve. The faithful of the Church of Odin believe that only they can stand against these brutal foes and their evil encroachment on human space. Though some call the Midgardians fanatics, willing to throw their lives away for the visions of a madman, they know what is to come.
„Sigurd Archdiocese“ shows the Church of Odin’s rise to power in the Next Millennium and the rebirth of the church through the strength and charisma of Gunther Guttman.
„Sigurd Archdiocese“ includes:

  • 5 new Sigurd fighter displays
  • 1 Sigurd escort
  • 4 Sigurd refit fighters
  • 6 Scenarios staging 10 battles
  • New Sigurd weaponry for fighters and escorts
  • Church of Odin history and timeline
  • Descriptions of Archdiocese fighter wings

63 Seiten. 1997.
ISBN 1-55806-295-5