Spelljammer – The Broken Sphere

Nigel Findley
The Broken Sphere
Spelljammer Novel

The Cloakmaster Cycle 5.
Teldin Moore’s magic amulet allows him to „see“ through the eyes of the great ship Spelljammer, across the wilds of space. Following clues from an ancient gnomish library and the vision he sees, he traces the mighty craft through the crystal spheres. He employs his magical cloak’s powers and discovers his quarry’s home, but Teldin’s cloak – and the possibility it could give him control over the Spelljammer – continues to draw enemies, often in the guise of friends. Will he survive long enough to face the final danger that awaits him at the point of the Spelljammer’s origin – the Broken Sphere?

314 Seiten. 1993.
ISBN 1-56076-596-8