Star Fleet Battles – Lyran Democratic Republic

Star Fleet Battles - Lyran Democratic Republic
Lyran Democratic Republic
Star Fleet Battles
Captain’s Module P5

This product includes rules, scenarios, SSDs, background, and F&E rules for the Lyran Democratic Republic, a new race for STAR FLEET BATTLES.
(R14.0) THE LDR: Complete background, including history, revolutions, culture, political figures, and more for the Lyran Democratic Republik.
Eighteen SSDs, most of them never published anywhere before, detail the powerful gatling phaser-armed ships of the Lyran Democratic Republic.
(S0.0) SCENARIOS: Four scenarios, two never published anywhere before, describe key events in the history of the Lyran Democratic Republik.
FEDERATION & EMPIRE: Complete strategic information to incorporate the Lyran Democratic Republic into your F&E game, including ship factors, conversions, production, special command and movement rules, etc.
NOTE: This product includes new play situations, background, ships and rules for „Star Fleet Battles“. You must have SFB Basic Set and New Worlds 1 (Module C1) to use this material. To be used to full effect, some material may also require Advanced Missions, Module J, and Module K. The material for Federation & Empire cannot be used without that game.

32 Seiten. 1992.
ISBN 0-922335-38-9