Star Fleet Battles – New Worlds 2

Star Fleet Battles - New Worlds 2
Captain’s Module C2: New Worlds II
Star Fleet Battles

The Andromedan Invaders:
Arriving after a 200-year journey from the M31 Galaxy, the Andromedans aren’t wasting any time in launching their campaign for galactic conquest. Their devastating TR beams rip enemies apart; their displacement device provides incredible mobility.

The Neo-Tholian 312th Battle Fleet:
Arriving from their original home galaxy at the height of the General War, the dreadnoughts and cruisers of the 312th Battle Fleet saved the Holdfast with their surprising web casters and punishing web fist weapons. The original Tholians are here!

The Interstellar Concordium:
The ISC exists far beyond the Romulans and Gorns. Their first contact with the other galactic races was during a savage battle that convinced the ISC that the entire galaxy was insane! The ISC built a powerful fleet to conquer the galaxy and save it from itself.


  • 64 page Rulebook
  • 108 die-cut playing pieces
  • 48 page SSD Book

ISBN 0-922335-15-X