Star Fleet Battles – The X-Ships

Star Fleet Battles - The X-Ships - Captain's Module X1
The X-Ships
Star Fleet Battles
Captain’s Module X1

The most powerful starships in the Galaxy clash in the titanic final battles of the General War.
Module X1 includes a 64-page rulebook with:

  • Advanced systems: rapid-pulse phasers, fast-arming heavy weapons, deadly new drones, Stinger X-fighters, faster acceleration, and enough power to use it all.
  • 16 new scenarios from the General War through the decisive battle between a Federation x-squadron and the just-finished Andromedan Devastator Battleship!
  • 2 X-ship campaigns.

Also includes 96-page book of X-ship SSDs (many entirely new) & 108 counters.

64+96 Seiten. 1994.
ISBN 0-922335-55-9