Star Trek Novel – Crossfire

star-trek-novel-crossfireJohn Vornholt

Star Trek TNG Starfleet Academy #11.
Will Riker believed it wa san honor to belong to the Starfleet Academy Band, a position few first-year cadets achieve. He becomes friends with fellow cadet Geordie LaForge, the band’s roadie, who looks forward to visiting exotic planets and hanging out with the band. But Riker isn’t so sure. He’s tired of being the butt of practical jokes – standard treatment for all band newcomers – and threatens to quit.
Then comes the big competition on the beautiful resort planet of Pacifica. The Starfleet Academy Band is so good that they attract the unwanted attention of an alien warship. They are given a choice: perform for alien troops or be destroyed.
But when the cadets arrive on war torn Elofim, they’re caught in the crossfire with no escape. Suddenly, Riker isn’t worrying about leaving the band. Instead, he and Geordie have to find a way off Elofim – alive!

103 Seiten. 1996.
ISBN 0-671-55305-4