Star Trek Novel – Prisoners of Peace

star-trek-novel-prisoners-of-peaceJohn Peel
Prisoners of Peace
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine #3

Life suddenly gets interesting on Deep Space Nine when a new student turns up in Jake and Nog’s class – Riv Jakar, a Bajoran boy whose parents were killed by Cardassians. Riv thinks school and hanging out on the Promenade are a waste of time. Instead he is determined to join the Bajoran freedom fighters in their battle against the Cardassians.
When Jake, Nog, and their friends Ashley and T’Ara are investigating some mysterious incidents on the station they discover a stowaway – a Cardassian stowaway named Kam. She is the daughter of a high-placed Caradassian official… who has just shown up at DS9 with eight warships, demanding the return of his daughter.
But Riv has other plans for Kam, and it’s up to Jake and Nog to save her before Riv starts a new war!

112 Seiten. 1994.
ISBN 0-671-88288-0