Star Trek Novel – Worf’s First Adventure

star-trek-novel-worfs-first-adventurePeter David
Worf’s First Adventure

Star Trek TNG Starfleet Academy #1.
Cadet Worf arrives at Starfleet Academy as the first Klingon to gain entrance since the Federation-Klingon Peace Treaty. Raised on Earth by human parents, Worf wonders if he is still a Klingon, the proud member of an honourable warrior race, or is he more… human? Where does he fit in?
Training flights, survival situations and command-level classes fill his schedule, but nothing prepares him for his fellow cadets, among them his human foster brother. Intelligent, ambitious and confident, the Academy cadets make life difficult for the young warrior. How can he win over his classmates – including the always logical Vulcans and the fierce Brikar – if they are still trained to think of him as the enemy?
When a routine trip to a training satellite turns into an unexpected disaster, Worf must unite the cadets and risk his life before a terrible accident claims the entire class!

119 Seiten. 1993.
ISBN 0-671-85212-4