StarCraft Novel – Firstborn

starcraft-novel-firstbornChristie Golden
StarCraft Novel

The Dark Templar Saga Book One.
Jake Ramsey – un unassuming, yet talented archaeologist – has been given the chance of a lifetime. Hired to investigate a recently unearthed Xel’Naga temple, he knows this latest assignment will open up whole new possibilities for his career. Yet, when Jake discovers the remains of a long-dead protoss mystic, his hopes and dreams are irrevocably drowned in a flood of alien memories. Bonded to the spirit of the dead protoss, Jake has become the sole inheritor of the protoss’s total history – every event, every thought – every feeling.
Struggling to maintain his own fragile indentity amidst the raging psychic storm in his mind, Jake soon realizes that he has stumbled upon a secret so cataclysmic in magnitude – that it will shake the very foundations of the universe.

340 Seiten. 2007.
ISBN 978-7434-7125-1