StarCraft Novel – Twilight

starcraft-novel-twilightChristie Golden
StarCraft Novel

The Dark Templar Saga Book Three.
After the seeming defeat of the dark archon Ulrezaj on the protoss homeworld of Aiur, Jake and Rosemary become seperated as they flee through the newly repaired warp gate. Rosemary finds herself with the other refugees protoss on Shakuras, while Jake is catapulted elsewhere. But Jake does not have long to live: their enemies are regrouping, and Zamara’s essence must be seperated from Jake’s mind before time runs out.
Jake knows he must survive long enough for Zamara to pass on her vital secret. But which faction – Valerian, zerg, or the recovered and increasingly powerful Ulrezaj – will find them first? His only hope rests with the powerful and legendary Zeratul, but as Jake is about to learn… even a dark templar can have a crisis of faith.

330 Seiten. 2009.
ISBN 978-0-7434-7129-9