Starfire – Crusade

Starfire - Crusade

The scenarios in „Crusade“ recreate the major and minor engagements of the Theban War of 2298-2302 (Terran Standard Reckoning). This war was unique in that it pitted the Terran Federation Navy against a race of religious fanatics dedicated to the liberation of „Holy Mother Terra“ from all unbelievers … including the entire human race!
In addition to the engagements of the war, „Crusade“ includes control sheets and clas notes on the warships and fleet auxiliaries of the SHT (the Sword of Holy Terra, or Theban Navy) and the TFN, system data forms for the star systems in which battles were fought, an excerpt from the Encyclopedia Galactica featuring the Theocracy of Thebes, and historical notes and interludes to set events and personalities in perspective.
Systems developed after the Third Interstellar War are used for the first time, and the rules provide mechanics for boarding combat – something the TFN had never suspected was possible between starships until they first found their crews being swamped by hordes of Theban boarders in bloody hand-to-hand actions.

ISBN 0-922335-57-5