Starfire – First Contact

Starfire - First ContactTimothy D. Olsen, Mark Costello
First Contact
Expansion Set #1

First Contact – Starfire Expansion Set #1 introduces two new races to the Starfire Universe, and includes background material, ship control sheets, and scenarios which will allow you to introduce them into your Starfire game.
The Vestrii – The appearance of the Vestrii in local space sent shock waves through the Admiralities of all the major Navies. Even taking into account the tech advances achieved during the Fourth Interstellar War, the Vestrii were further advanced and everyone realized that the enigmatic newcomers had much to offer.
The Corsairs of Tangri – The entire nature of the Tangri reflects their society’s obsessive raid-oriented philosophy. Their Horde Fleet will surely make them a worthy adversary.
Included in „First Contact, Starfire Expansion Set #1“:

  • 32 page, fully illustrated rulebook
  • 108 die-cut, multicolor playing pieces
  • Double-sided Quick Reference Card

ISBN 0-922335-40-0