Teri McLaren – The Cursed Land

Teri McLaren - The Cursed LandTeri McLaren
The Cursed Land
Magic: The Gathering Novel

Centuries ago, hungry for power, the wizard Nohr destroyed the Clan Tree of Cridhe, trying to harness its magic for his own uses. Nohr’s deed brought a curse upon his family, divided the Clan – and plunged the island of Cridhe into generations of darkness.
Now a turning point has been reached. Aylith, a gifted but untried mage, has been kidnapped by the cruel Nazir in an attempt to wrest away the last of her family’s legacy. But what Nazir intends to take by force can only be given freely – or the ancient wounds of the Parting will never be healed.

290 Seiten. 1995.
ISBN 0-06-105016-4