The Everlasting – Book of the Spirits

Book of the Spirits
The Everlasting

Foundation Book Three.
The Secret World, a daydream shadow of your reality, waits for you. Break down the walls of disbelief. You are not human; you are a spirit of the dreamworlds or astra, chained to an earthly form. You tread the earth, but feel even more at home within the inner realms. You have visited the netherworlds, dream cities of Phantasia, sacred lands of nature spirits, the darkest nightmare lands, and Irem, city of the pillars.
Become a gargoyle. You feed on mortals‘ sins and pass on a curse of absolution. The sins you eat turn your cold stone body into a monstrous living thing.
Become a manitou. You are a totem spirit with a human host, changing hosts as they die, shifting between human and animal form, and killing unnatural horrors.
Become one of „the possessed.“ You are either a good person inhabited by a nightmare lord or an evil person inhabited by a dream protector – either way, you are expendable.
Become a djinnee. The Elder Lords cast your race to Earth. You live in Irem, a realm of supra technology and magic. Some of your kind now serve the Great Old Ones.
The Everlasting is The Interactive Legendmaking Experience. It features many new concepts: communal protagonists, customizable rules, gamemasterless options, tips on achieving epiphanies, tips on rewarding guides, opening and closing ceremonies, and Personal Mythology. Legendmaking takes you beyond roleplaying and storytelling to a new level of intensity. Each participant chooses from playing card, tarot card, dice, and freeform options the system personally preferred.
Your journey into the realms of modern-day fantasy, occult mystery, and paranormal adventure begins now. Enter the magical world you have always wanted to visit… the one you live in.

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ISBN 1-887385-02-1