The Uncharted Seas – Rulebook

Neil Fawcett, Mark Sims
The Uncharted Seas: Rules for Fantasy Naval Combat
The Uncharted Seas

Welcome to a game of high adventure on the seas of a totally new fantasy realm…
The Uncharted Seas is a fast paced fantasy naval game that allows you to take command of mighty fleets. Humans, Orcs, Dwarfs, Elves and the mysterious Dragon Lords are amongst the races waging a terrible war at sea, all determined to see the destruction of their enemies.
Whether you choose to play solid Dwarf ironclad steamships, lumbering Orc battle barges or the living ships of the Dragon Lords you will have a variety of ships and weaponry available to build your fleet using our exciting Uncharted Seas model range.
The rules are elegantly simple, but with sections for critical hits, ramming, boarding, running repairs, capturing prizes and much, much more. We have also included detailed rules for an optional game card system that adds yet another exciting dimension to the game. As well as scenarios, race backgrounds, ships stat cards, painting tips, counters and a fast play sheet we have included two fleet templates that you can use to check out the rules. All of this makes The Uncharted Seas rulebook a complete game in its own.

82 Seiten. 2008.