Treasures & Traps – The Adventure Story Game

C. Aaron Kreader
The Adventure Story Game
Treasures & Traps
Free RPG Day 2019 Supplement

This is a supplement for Treasures & Traps: The Adventure Card Game. With this 28-page booklet, Treasures & Traps becomes a storytelling game set in the realm of Arb, a humorous fable and fantasy world. Here, everyone has a chance to add to the plot! Up to four players are in the role of Lead Characters who are called to a heroic – if not totally whacked out – quest. One other player will be the Story Master, who plays the role of narrator, director, supporting cast, and every secondary character in the story. The Story Master is working with the Leads to experience the tale that unfolds.
The Treasure & Traps cards are used as prompts to move the story forward and add creative spark, as well as to help determine the chance of success in the wild world of Arb. This addition to the world of Treasures & Traps is ideal for those learning role-playing games, those with limited time, or as a creativity prompt to evolve a story concept.
So grab your Treasures & Traps cards, some friends, and a wild imagination, because everything else needed to enjoy an adventure is provided within!
Included in this booklet:

  • Three Complete Adventures & Two Adventure Prompt Set-ups
  • Character Sheet
  • Easy How-to-Play rules
  • World Map of The Realm of Arb
  • People, places, and things of Arb

27 Seiten. 2019.