TSR – TSR Master Catalog 1993 – Collector’s Edition

TSR Master Catalog 1993 – Collector’s Edition

For twenty years the D&D game has captured the imaginations of adventurers everywhere.
Now let your imagination run rampant through 136 pages featuring the best in adventure games and books: the 1993 TSR Master Catalog – Collector’s Edition.
Inside you will find:

  • the history of the Dungeons & Dragons game and TSR, Inc. accompanied by lavish illustrations
  • 32 pages of unique insights into all of TSR’s game worlds – written by the designers synonymous with each – that appear only in this edition
  • A brilliant, visual tour of TSR’s game worlds and campaign settings
  • Four-color illustrations of all game and book releases for 1993
  • The description, on sale date, and suggested retail price for each new product
  • And, so you won’t miss a treasure, all product releases from the past that are currently available are listed

96 Seiten. 1993.
ISBN 1-56076-621-2