Twilight: 2000 – Gateway to the Spanish Main

Thomas E. Mulkey
Gateway to the Spanish Main
Twilight: 2000

Gateway to the Spanish Main is a game module for use with GDW’s World War III role-playing game, Twilight: 2000. The adventure is set around a replica of the USS Constitution built in 1987 by Paradox Studios. The players will become crew members aboard the sailing vessel and will eventually be plunged into a plot of treachery, kidnapping, and piracy in the Caribbean Islands, a geographical region once known as the Spanish Main.
Gateway to the Spanish Main contains:

  • Rules for traveling by sail-powered vessels at sea and for sea-going combat in Twilight: 2000.
  • Deck plans for the replica of the USS Constitution.
  • Maps of Grenada and Carriacou, and descriptions of these islands, their towns, villages, and ports, with encounter tables.

47 Seiten. 1987.