Universal – Grimtooth’s Traps Too (New Edition)

Grimtooth’s Traps Too (New Edition)
Universal/ Fudge

This book is a connoisseur’s catalog of condemnable calamities, ghastly glamours, distinctive disasters, and an astonishing array of annoying misdirections and miserable misfortunes…
In other words, the Troll is back!
The 102 traps within this book have been presented without game mechanics of any kind; the nature, cause and effect of each trap has been thoroughly described so that any game master may introduce these devices of delver destruction into his or her campaign easily.
Included in this new edition are 9 pages of material provided by the talented folks at Grey Ghost Press, Inc., which explain how to use all these traps in the „Fudge“ system. Fudge is a customizable role-playing game, perfect for game masters who like to tinker with rules, and one of the many systems for which these traps are singularly appropriate!

62 Seiten. 2006.
ISBN 0-940244-78-0