Vampire – Lasombra

Richard E. Dansky - LasombraRichard E. Dansky
Vampire: The Masquerade
Clan Novel 6

A Cathedral of Shadows.
Lucita – vampiric assassin and turncoat childe of the devious Cardinal Moncada – is hunting a Sabbat archbishop, a leader of the sect’s East Coast war of conquest. If she succeeds, her mysterious patrons will pay her very well indeed. If she fails… but then, Lucita never fails.
The Sabbat templar Talley – a fearsome killer and sworn protector of the archbishops – is dutybound to stand in her way… if only he could find out which of his charges is her target. Moncada orders Talley to discover who hired Lucita and to stop the prodigal childe without harming her. It is an impossible task… but Talley never fails.
Now two of the most ruthless and efficient monsters the clan of shadows has ever spawned are about to face each other in a dance of blood and death. Someone is about to learn to lose…
This series is a monumental, 13-novel exploration of the forbidden world of the Kindred. What began in clan novel: „Toreador“ continues here, and its ending will determine the fate of every human – and inhuman – being in the world.

277 Seiten. 1999.
ISBN 1-56504-807-5