Viceroys! – Columbus

Viceroys - ColumbusMark G. McLaughlin
Expansion Set 1

„Columbus – Admiral of the Ocean Sea“ adds more cards, random events, rules, scenarios, and an eighth player – China – to Viceroys! In Viceroys!, you and six other European Kings sailed the seven seas to discover mysterious new lands, conquer native kingdoms, and build great colonial empires. You raced for the wind to escape the wrath of bloodthirsty pirates and fought off treacherous princes – all to earn the title of Viceroy!
This first expansion set gives you the opportunity to make new discoveries, send out missionaries to convert the heathen savages, found colonial cities, and perhaps even build the Great Wall of China!

  • One counter sheet (108 counters)
  • A deck of 48 playing cards
  • Rulebook

32 Seiten. 1992.
ISBN 0-922335-22-2