Void 1.1 – Junkers Force Book

John Robertson
Junkers Force Book
Void 1.1

Junkers are a grim authoritarian empire, ruled over by a Senate whose identity is kept secret even from their own armed forces. Due to the casual attitude towards human life in the Junker military there is no stampede to join, so large numbers of convicts are pushed into service. The Junkers military hardware is crude and they rely on overwhelming the enemy with weight of numbers rather than sophisticated battle plans.
The Junker Force Book includes:

  • Detailed background on the Junkers, their technology, colonies and role within Pan-Humanic Space.
  • Junker army list.
  • New units such as Suicide Bikers, Marauders, and „The Red Fox“.
  • Plenty of full colour illustrations, and photographs of miniatures and terrain.
  • Stage-by-stage painting guides.

48 Seiten. 2003.