Void 1.1 – Smoke Over Hatsuho

Void 1.1 - Smoke Over Hatsuho
Smoke Over Hatsuho
Void 1.1

Welcome to „Smoke Over Hatsuho“, a mini-campaign for Void 1.1.
This book includes:

  • Background on the VASA export colony of Hatsuho, including star maps of the Okina system in which the planet lies, and Okina’s location within the Draconis Alba galaxy.
  • New rules for fighting combat in urban environments, including house-to-house fighting, profiles for buildings, and covering fire.
  • Lavish full colour CGI landscapes displaying the VASA pod complexes on and around Hatsuho.
  • Five linked scenarios playable by any faction from the Void universe, which build into an account of how Hatsuho descends into chaos and all out planetwide warfare when the system’s grav-well is cut off by a radioactive storm.

16 Seiten. 2002.