Vor: The Maelstrom – Into the Maelstrom

Loren L. Coleman - Into the MaelstromLoren L. Coleman
Into the Maelstrom
Vor: The Maelstrom

The world’s two superpowers are at war – when suddenly even nuclear annihilation becomes unimportant. For, without warning, the Earth is ripped from orbit, torn from the entire universe, by an insatiable, planet-destroying cosmic vortex. Now both sides – along with everyone else on the globe – are trapped in the grotesque parody of reality called the Maelstrom.
Exploring the concepts and expanding the background of this incredible adventure, this novel takes readers and gamers to the beginning: when armies of the near future face the horrors of the battlefield and gut-wrenching alien terrors they cannot escape as they are drawn into the Maelstrom.

320 Seiten. 1999.
ISBN 0-446-60488-7