VOR: The Maelstrom – Razorfang’s Exodus

VOR The Maelstrom - Razorfang's ExodusSteve Kozlowski
Razorfang’s Exodus
VOR: The Maelstrom
Conflict Book

Earth is playing host to a legendary showdown. The Zykhee Wardyn Myntokk has caught up with his sworn enemy, the notorious Growler Alpha Chieftain Razorfang. With the safety of Earth at stake, the Union and Neo-Soviet forces are on the hunt as well. Will the Growlers continue to flourish on Earth? Will Myntokk succeed in slaying Razorfang? These questions can only be answered by you! Now it’s in your hands…
„Razorfang’s Exodus“ is a series of special scenarios chronicling the Growler presence on Earth. When you return the enclosed VOR Battle Card, the result of your campaign will directly affect VOR’s future storyline. This book offers new rules and characters for the Growlers, Union, Neo-Soviet and Zykhee, and provides race-specific campaign record sheets.

54 Seiten. 2000.
ISBN 1-55560-415-3