VOR: The Maelstrom – Rulebook

VOR The Maelstrom - Rulebook
VOR: The Maelstrom
VOR: The Maelstrom

The Maelstrom is a cosmic vortex of vast proportions, a realm where the laws of physics are warped and twisted into an obscene parody of reality. It exists only to devour and destroy – to consume worlds.
Engulfing in a swirling storm of chaos, planets are ripped asunder or fused into strange, alien landscapes. It is here where powerful forces clash in a never-ending fight to avoid extinction. Growlers, hulking beasts of pure aggression, thrive in this hostile environment. The mysterious Zykhee meld technology and supernatural power into the deadliest of martial arts. The Union forces of Earth rely on high-tech weaponry and well-trained soldiers, while their Neo-Soviet rivals send fierce hordes of infantry and genetic mutations against their foes. The inhabitants of these doomed worlds fight for a single goal – survival.
„Vor: The Maelstrom“ features:

  • A fast-playing, detailed miniatures combat system
  • Flexible mechanics allow play with 6 to 100 figures per side
  • Conversion rules for using any miniatures to play VOR: The Maelstrom
  • Profiles for 9 of the most important races in the Maelstrom
  • Basic force listings
  • Plastic templates.

Note: These are the same rules contained in the VOR: The Maelstrom boxed game. You will need miniatures and 10-sided dice to play.

134 Seiten. 2000.
ISBN 1-55560-405-6