Vor: The Maelstrom – The Rescue

Don Ellis - The RescueDon Ellis
The Rescue
Vor: The Maelstrom Novel

The Mars colonists watch, helpless, as the Maelstrom anomaly swallows Earth. Yet Dr. David Hutchins’s horror is offset by scientific curiosity, and somehow he manages to tether a probe connecting our solar system to the Maelstrom. Now David, pilot Raedawn Corona, a Neo-Soviet POW named Boris, and a telepathic alien have only one desperate chance to bring Earth home. But the Union and Neo-Soviets must be willing to cooperate before the anomaly closes – and before evil species from the Pharons to the Shard seize the escape route for themselves…

244 Seiten. 2000.
ISBN 0-446-60491-7