WarGods – WarGods of Aegyptus

WarGods - WarGods of AegyptusChris Fitzpatrick
WarGods of Aegyptus

WarGods is a game for 2 or more players, that re-creates these battles of ancient mythology using metal miniatures on a tabletop. This book provides you with the rules and background you need to play the game using the forces of Aegyptus, and gets you started collecting and painting your own warband of Crocodile Games miniatures.
Within you will find:
Game Rules: How to build your warband and play the game.
Background: The history of the ancient land of Aegyptus, the story of the Children of the Gods who dwell there, and the secrets of the Harbingers who lead them into battle!
Miniature Galleries: Photos of beautifully painted WarGods miniatures and scenery.
Spells and Powers: Over 140 powers and spells for Harbingers and Sorcerers.
The Eater of the Dead: Rules and background for playing the army of the dead, the greatest threat to the land of Aegyptus.
Campaign Rules: An extensive chapter loaded with scenarios, subplots and tips for running an Epic Campaign.
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287 Seiten. 2004.
ISBN 0-9746766-9-1