Warhammer 40.000 – Codex Grey Knights

Warhammer 40.000 - Codex Grey KnightsMatthew Ward
Codex Grey Knights
Warhammer 40.000

On the eve of his final battle, the Emperor saw the threat that the Daemons of the Warp would become, and that none of his current armies could defend Mankind against them. So did he create the Grey Knights: a Chapter of Space Marines trained for the single purpose of forever defending Mankind from the machinations of Daemons. Ten thousand years on the Emperor is all but gone, but the Grey Knights remain. They stand as a shining line of steel against the forces of Chaos and despair, having long ago sacrificed their own humanity so that Mankind itself can endure.
Inside you will find:

  • The Grey Knights: Explore the origins of the Grey Knights, their Chapter Planet of Titan, and their greatest battles against the daemonic threat.
  • The Army of Titan: Here you’ll find details of the many varied troop types, characters and war machines that make up the armies of the Grey Knights, along with the rules to use them in your games of Warhammer 40.000. Also contained within these pages are the mightiest heroes of the Chapter, from the legendary Supreme Grand Master Draigo, to Grand Master Vorth Mordrak, the Haunted Knight of Mortain, and the austere (and seemingly immortal) Justicar Anval Thawn.
  • Lords of Titan: A showcase of the extensive Grey Knights miniatures range, including heraldic designs and an impressive selection of mighty heroes and war machines.
  • Grey Knights Army List: Muster your collection of Grey Knights miniatures into a fighting force suitable for the tabletop battlefield, and prepare to smash the enemy aside for the Emperor!

96 Seiten. 2010.
ISBN 978-1841549910