Warhammer 40.000 – Space Wolves (2014) (engl.)

Space Wolves
Warhammer 40.000

Though some see them as little more than savages, the Sons of Russ are a proud brethren, as noble as they are fierce. Riding to battle in the company of monstrous wolves, growling war machines and living legends whose sagas span millennia, these Space Marines may appear to be wild, perhaps even barbaric. Yet their loyalty to the Imperium has been proven beyond a doubt. In them, the fury of storm-wracked Fenris has been tempered by the cold cunning of the hunt. They are the Space Wolves, famed across the galaxy for slaying the beasts of the void and destroying the deadliest agents of evil. Woe betide those they mark as their prey, for they too shall feel the fangs of the wolf around their throats…
Inside you will find:

  • The Sons of Russ
  • Companies of Fenris
  • Forces of the Space Wolves
  • Appendix

103 Seiten. 2014.
ISBN 978-1-78253381-8