Warhammer – High Elves (1993)

Warhammer - High Elves (1993)Andy Chambers
Warhammer Armies: High Elves

Ulthuan – the ancient island realm of the High Elves: the birthplace of true magic, an enchanted land inhabited by creatures who were already millennia old before the emergence of mankind. Ulthuan is the greatest sea-faring power in the Warhammer World, dominating the flow of trade from the Old World to the New, a great colossus standing astride the ocean and guarding the destiny of the whole world. This indispensable supplement for the Warhammer game of fantasy battles describes the ancient land of Ulthuan and the armies of the High Elves in complete and exhaustive detail.

  • Ulthuan: A comprehensive history of the great kingdoms of Avelorn, Tiranoc, Ellyrion, Saphery, Caledor, Eataine, Chrace, Cothique and Yvresse, of the Phoenix Kings of Ulthuan and the great sundering of the Dark Elves.
  • Special Rules: Covering the unique High Elf repeater bolt thrower and many new magic items and spells such as the Moon Staff of Lileath, the Heart of Avelorn and the great runesword Sunfang.
  • Army List: A complete army list for the High Elves including the Phoenix Guard, the Dragon Princes of Caledor, the White Lions of Chrace and the Sword Masters of Hoeth. A full list is provided for including heroes, wizards and monsters in your army.
  • A seperate section introduces great Elven heroes and wizards including Tyrion, Champion of the Everqueen, also called Orcbane and Mankiller, his twin brother Teclis, the greatest wizard in the Old World and founder of the Imperial Colleges of Magic, and Eltharion, Warden of Tor Yvresse and scourge of the invaders of Ulthuan.
  • ‚Eavy Metal: Colour photographs of the High Elf army painted by the wolrd’s finest miniature artists, plus a section on how to paint the many High Elf models and the stunning personalities of Ulthuan.

96 Seiten. 1993.
ISBN 1-872372-63-5